Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Karaoke-u sure u wan to load this video?

Love karaoke? Found a website where you can sing as long u got a mic. Karaokeparty Compete your high scores with your friends! haha my score is very low thx to my sis~ :

My cousin, Apple recorded this ( i asked her to =D) and you can hear her choking and giggling at the back. Lucky the room is quite dark, singer's privacy is/was protected. Did i mention the singer was my sis Liu Wei Wen? ops. 

Another new discovery~! After neglecting my gmail account for so long, finally realise that gmail is quite good. I can attached songs(fast speed) to send to ppl. =D HAHA lame. My gmail account name is very cliche~ (created ages ago) lazybug.rox@gmail.com

yea i am rocker wannabee~

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