Monday, December 1, 2008

In the Mood for Love

From ChungKing express~ Ya i said i am in the mood for love and is the title of a movie by Wong Kar Wai too. =D Just watched finish the movie (finally) today. Even though the movie not excite as ChungKing Express ( why am i comparing this two anywy ?) but it was an interesting experience. Watching the film like re-live the life from that era (1955-1966) , the fashion, the mood, the music, the people and the Cheong Sam...

HOW many cheong sam did Maggie Cheong changed during this movie!? Everytime i see her, she is like wearing a new design of CheongSam. Is a slowpace movie with lots of slow motion shots...accompany with lovely musics. 

I wan the music...! Who can get/send me the songs? Yumeji's Theme by Michael Galasso or Umebayashi Shigeru, Aquellos Ojos Verdes by Nat King Cole and basically this movie's soundtrack.   

Charuk said the next story 2046 is "extend" from In The Mood For Love. ^^ the room number where Mr. Chow (tony leong) stayed is 2046. wohoo~ i wanna live till 2046~

Some posters of the movie..nice:

Simplicity is the best. ( sometimes)


Khairul Johari said...

got sex scene or not?

soon said...
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soon said...

u seem like very like to watch the "Art Film" movie by Wong Kar Wai loh.....xD

BuG said...

KJ> no sex scene! haha too bad.

soon> haha sort of