Sunday, November 30, 2008

UrbanTone lol izit?

Yesterday went to a restaurant below the Loft at the Heritage Row. The restaurant name is... i can't remember! Something mezza pezzo mazzo @@ Nice atmosphere place to dine in. My sole purpose of going there is to see my lovely roommate Yvonne(singer) with her sister, Sharon(pianist) live performance. 

Dude she can sing damn fine! Way better than all those reality show singer in Msia. One day me and Myra gonna kidnap her and force her to join One in A Million. Ahahaa! Myra said she wanted to cry when she was singing some emotional song. 

Anyway i ordered a vodka drink called White Russian(sweet and weird) but i prefer Sea Breeze(sweet n sour and refreshing) which Myra ordered. Drinking and listening to good music... wonderful indeed. haha

Too bad it was their first day and their last day. The manager decided to cut them off because they found a more budget band consists of 4 members. Yvonne's sis (the pianist) is like the same price as the band. Feel sorry for them but no worries i bet they will find a better job in the future. BECAUSE they are so awesome k. XD

My buki handphone camera sux, so no photos and the place is pretty dark. =D Lastly, YVONNE YOU ROCK!!! go get a record deal la XD

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