Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sabah Go Go [day 4]

okay here we go! Day 4! the weather is better than yesterday. . . aoi no sora! Today we are going up , high up to Kundasang ! Let's go! YESHH i am very excited to see the Kinabalu... finally the 神山 will show his real form to me! wahahaaa

Stop at Tampuruli or Tampiruli - - hunting for 
foods~ see the sky! i love it.

by the street~

feel like flying. haha

& we found our winner! Famous mee goreng!
damn delicious... i want more...!!

Eat it.

Myra eating it!

After having that excellent meal, lol we continue our journey to Kundasang. . . well is not mount kinabalu but we can see mount kinabalu along the way ~ XD

SPOTTED! Kinabalu! 

Yvonne and me.. she is my tourguide hehe

The mountain is shy...he cover himself with
blanket of clouds XD

At the war memorial park..~

Me with Von's mom~

hahaaaaa  - -

i just love the sun and the sky.

And of course, the mountain!


we are fcm-ers~ haha lame.

i wish i was there, at the peak!

on our way up high again~

one kissu for you~

Yo! happy u

Rest at Pine Resort. Yup is cold!

This is the Talap or Tarap fruit!

IS not durian. . xD

Fruit massacre again!
with the Chivas~

awesome day!

Thoughts of the day:

The weather is very nice and we are consider lucky to get to see the mount Kinabalu because normally the Kinabalu will cover with clouds.. XD When i saw the was so breathtakingly beautiful and it is enormous! it just touch my heart to see such pretty creation of mothernature. . . and it is a sleeping volcano haha... better not wake him up! 
Kundasang is colder thn Genting! cool. =) & i misssss the mee goreng so much !


Khairul Johari said...

i know what myrah did last summer.

BuG said...

what she did? XD