Monday, November 3, 2008

Sabah GO GO [ Day 1 ]

Good news everyone~ i am back in one piece! (if anyone ever concern..) ahem. I'm still pretty lazy to edit and organize the photos....well there are like 1000+ images! ( duh- 5 dslr are with us all the time =D )

Here are some teasers! : 


All the photos are in my Facebook. yay finally~ siap.

I shall upload some here anyway~ hahaaa my trip :

Taste not bad but cheese with shaky plane? seriously?

Finally! reach Sabah! Rain whole day zzzzz

Wah Juan's famous pork mee. haha RM5 
My 1st meal in Sabah.

Reach at the MCL resort! 
embrace the nature! rawr

Everyone are enjoying~ yaya i lazy to edit those photos XD

Dinner! Dine at King Hu Restaurant.
Famous pe king duck! nyummmmm 

Sabah's newspaper!

random #1

Yea is pretty cold that day~ rain all the way

Thought of the day :
Sabah is like Genting on the first day. Is relaxing and chilling. hahaa 


Khairul Johari said...

who am i?
*drum beat
thats the secret i never tell
*drum beat
xoxo gossip girl

BuG said...

you know u love me~