Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sabah GO GO [day 3]

Rise and shine. The weather is perfect for BEACH & ISLAND! woohooo~ After packing, we all go to the famous kopitiam to buy the famous roti bakar! BUT i am craving for the fried yao cha guai! Is very very delicious~ yao cha guai with kaya and butter . . . they mix well together! (too bad no photo are taken coz i busy munching wohoho) After bungkus some foods (island's food are expensive) we continue our journey to jetty!

Norman holding the famous roti bakar. haha

Waiting for our speedboat. . cheers.

i love it.

Speedboat is damn fun and exciting... the boat jump! (literally)

Clear green blue sea with fishes! 

Reach Pulau Manukan~

Going to play my parasailing~

Familiar? XD

we are survivor~ too bad we din get
to go to the Pulau Tiga. = =

Yvonne and Myra goin to the sea!

We are now at Pulau Sapi... lol

Okay~ i feel damn stupid to left my camera at the beach. I shld just bring it together with me in the sky !! arghhh my parasailing photo gone case lo..= = anyway after that, we go to Pulau Sapi coz the sea water there is clearer and best for snokerling. For me the sea there too crowded with dead corals...and my feet damn sakit coz of the corals and fishes!! YA FISH BITE! argh. Norman scare me with fishes. . . = = boo.

We have to go back to the city jetty at around 4pm because Sabah turn dark faster thn west msia. lol so is dangerous to sail at nite time.

i like this photo~ 

5pm . . . follow me into the dark!

Our dinner : Bak Kut Teh. 

Roy's face expression : doink! (point)

Chivas ftw!

Nite karaoke... lol  

My blah blah :

Sun. I am generous with the sun rays whn i am in vacation. =D gimme more! 
aww i miss the island....we just spend 3 to 4 hrs there. NOT ENUF! haha

YUP i like island! wohoooo~ my next destination : Maldives or French Polynesia (sugoi!)

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