Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sabah GO GO [ Day 2 ]

Wake up wake up! 2nd day, the weather still moody = 3= so instead of going to the beach or up to the mountain... we have a fabulous city tour! lol fabulous = = 

First thing first~ makan :

Famous noodle~ haha forgot the name

After that, we visit to muzium. I enocunter some freaky 
thing there.... = =

Rungus house? One of the traditional house

Inside the house. . . XD flexible wood

random #2

Inside the Sabah's tallest building . . haha nice
atmosphere. . and ya the restaurant name is Atmosphere.

Nite! BBQ dinnnerrrr...

Ikan Bakar. . . ! 

Ready to makan.

After makan, tido!

Later on, we all pray hard that tomorrow there will be no rain and full of sunshine. 
can't wait for the beaches!

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