Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Happy 53rd years of independent to my home - Malaysia. I wish you prosper and i wish you well regardless of all those bad news.

Dear Malaysia, you won't abandon us right?

May we all live in harmony and peace. Malaysia need this to happen.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am lost in heat.

Today i got a job with Javad (as his personal assistant) at Wesley Methodist School in Sentul. I have to be there by 830am, but i woke up late and got lost in Sentul. I reached Sentul around 820am, i thought i can make it but being there for the first time was not helpful at all. Well, at least i know how to get to KLPAC and Sentul, is actually quite near to my place, ifffff no jam.

Anyway, Wesley Methodist School is not bad after all. The student will greet " Good morning sir/ Good morning Ma'am when they walk pass you (all the time). When i was a student back then, i just nodded my head to guest/teacher. Like a soft nod, well hardly even move my neck.

Javad said:" If anyone have low confident, they should go to school! It will train their confident, everyone is so outspoken here!"

And he repeated this statement 4 times, :"If i have children i gonna send them here."

Me:" Your children will destroy this school.."

After few unforgettable hours under the blazing hot, fried chicken skin, merciless sun, finally we got what we wanted. I fetched Javad back to Bangsar and i got lost again when trying to find my way back. Petrol was running low and i paid 3 unnecessary tolls : GARKKKKK!

Too hot to compute and i recorded this video from the facebook webcam (filters) with my handphone:

If you want to waste 3mins of your life, please watch the above video. :))

Monday, August 23, 2010

Re mortgage.

Can i re-mortgage my heart?

Silly but i think that refinancing your own body part is interesting. 
I was writing my dreamboard/dreamlist just now and i accidentally closed the window and i lost all my dreams, literally. 


Saturday, August 21, 2010


Trying hard to adjust my biological clock, waking up at 7:50am everyday for almost a week now. It was pretty hard, i snoozed at least 4 times (total up = 30mins) before completely gave up on my comfy bed. And the weather is not helping at all, so breezy and chill nowadays.

Why would i wake up so early every morning sunrise? Shouldn't i be slacking at home facing the computer screen whole day, well i decided to make myself a little tad useful to work part time at a confectionery shop. I smell like unsalted butter with a hint of vanilla essence.

No is not pleasant to smell like that everyday.

How long more will i recover from all the mess, how long more will i indulge myself with the comfort scent of pastry?

The past few days were my Dark Ages. "All my little dream kingdom are crushing down, declining from the previous glory!" Were there any at the first place? Hehe. In my utmost emotional meltdown of all time, of all time (kanyewest possessed) i seek Tarot card for advice. Yes, wtf moment happened at the most unexpected time. I can't denied the accuracy and possibilities of Tarot, cards saved me, myself. From this point on is Tarot reading talk: [ "I not going to let the Tower destroy and make myself misery. I am the Chariot, i have the Empress to pave my way eventhough there are a lot of confusion and obstacles up front but i have the Strength around me, aint afraid of nothing, bring it on and i will face it like The Hermit, wise and calm." ]

I feel like i am such a medieval person using all those phases like dark ages, tarot reading...chariot...empress... oh well.

They don't have traffic light during the dark ages.
Photo by me with canon demi ee17.

The point is i should stop snoozing my alarm and wake up asap. Maybe i should change my alarm tone, mario theme song aint working for me.

Care for some music?:
My cousin from NZ shared this with me, and i like one of the comment commented by someone from youtube:

"Best thing to come out of New Zealand since the hobbits?" by TheBigCricket.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Now my ears listen to these.

Summer is hereeee. My playlist for the heat.

Which is your favourite from the above? Or share with me your breezy summer music! I want to know :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blank stares.

I hate you but i hate myself more.

I can't believe i am in such mess and you don't even care.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Exploded with games!

Whee. I just bought the Final Fantasy Bundle (7,8,9) for my PS3! Finally they are back at where they used to be, console! I am so excited, later at around 10pm i'll be able to download the games from PSN.

My favourite RPG of all time from ff is Final Fantasy 9. I love it so much, very entertaining and fun. Unlike the FF13, oh dear i can't believe they ignored all the fundamental of RPG game. Yes it was visually stunning but thats all they got to offer. The gameplay was straight forward, linear and lack of interaction with the environment. Boring game.

So i am very happy that i getting FF9 for the PS3 :) Epic on epic. And maybe i will give FF7 a try but i doubt that.

FF9! awesome :)

Sorry Light, your game suck :)

I give you 4 over 10.

Now i am thinking, should i get the Scott Pilgrim VS. The World? Look like a fun, old sch 8bit fighting game and you can multiplayer with friends:

Tempting.. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On the rush.

Took these during the time when we rushing for our final year project showcase. We all were hardcore. Yes we are.


The more i move forward, the nearer i into deep. Imagine you are by the seashore, you can't turn back. An ocean of sand is all you got. You can only move forward, to the sea. Every steps you take, the sea level risen up to your body but you can't stop. You just have to take the leap of faith in to the deep sea.

Drown or swim?

Will your basic instinct tell you to flap your arms like a chicken? Riverdance with your legs? Or you just let yourself sink in?

As far as i know, i am drowning now. I struggling to swim,i do know how to swim but i am.. struggling to swim. Intoxicate by invisible force of waves, toasting me around. When will this disturbance stop or just let me drown in peace.

*Photo by me with canon demi ee17.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Down Boy.

At the ballroom in KL Hilton, photo from this fella.

Woot. Me nor my mates won the Apicta award 2010. It got stashed away by Teddy Bear. We din't even get the merit award and it was ICT award, come on. What else can i expect? We did had some nice high tea, i like the 'Otak' fried spring rolls!

We rejoiced our downfall by drinking and crapping at Bangsar. A little desert helped a lot. Need the extra glucose to sweeten up myself and the doctor said:" Stay away from pastry!"

Well. I got beaten i have the right to eat sweets!

& i want to sing:

WRAAGHHUAHG~~ (super cool music arrangement) down, down, down, count me down:

Monday, August 9, 2010

The beast is asleep.

When will you wake up? When will you be brave to wake up? Is not the hole under the tree that you fell into but a black hole that form when the sun is below the horizon, a twilight of your subconscious. You aware of the slightest movement of the breeze but not your very own breathe. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.. What exactly do you breathing for?

You promised the sky and the star but all you can do is keep breathing. Wake up.

Hibernation is over.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Sometime boy can be quite slow and ignorance. Timing is everything cant you see? Ahh, screw it.

We are not for fun.

Anyway, i'm nervous about the coming Monday - The Apicta award giving ceremony aka high-tea session at Hilton Hotel, KL. I'm one of the finalist and yesh i am nervous. How should i greet the people there? Hmm.

Sunday! Sunday gonna meet my dear friends at Ikea, no not buying furnitures but a feast with the meatballs. Personal favourite, Daim Cake. Sweet sweet sweet.

"Love you always no matter what", by my mom.

I love you too. You know that right? :(

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I bought a book. Advice for Strays by Justine Kilkerr.

I like the cover art, i like the title.

Do i like the book? Currently at 100+ pages, i will know once i finish it. :)

Mark the day.

4 years of experiencing the campus life, i came this far and everything ended on one single day.

I miss my time there. Be it the rushing, the adrenaline, the knowledge, the friendship, the confuse state and the sweetest time.

Foundation year, my first year was disastrous and confuzzled (confused + puzzled from Mary & Max) me. Everything is new to me. From science to art, from familiar to unfamiliar. Isolated alone from the crowd of groupies, always by my own but in the end i found some really awesome friends. So i am part of the groupies. Bite me, i am still me.

My degree year, the best decision i ever made - enrolled in Digital Media course. Here, i met a lot of incredibly smart, funny and awesome people. Some even ended up as my good friend. Best of all, i learned the most coolest awesome shits from the whole faculty! Yeah.

I am glad i know so much comrades that share the same interest as me. Forget me not!

Heartiest wishes to all of us!

*my only regret: dint got to take much photos with all my friends :(

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Graduation to me.

I think i'm allergic to festive event but here i am in my own convocation:

Not bad after all. Wish us all the best in the future.
Fight on comrades!