Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am lost in heat.

Today i got a job with Javad (as his personal assistant) at Wesley Methodist School in Sentul. I have to be there by 830am, but i woke up late and got lost in Sentul. I reached Sentul around 820am, i thought i can make it but being there for the first time was not helpful at all. Well, at least i know how to get to KLPAC and Sentul, is actually quite near to my place, ifffff no jam.

Anyway, Wesley Methodist School is not bad after all. The student will greet " Good morning sir/ Good morning Ma'am when they walk pass you (all the time). When i was a student back then, i just nodded my head to guest/teacher. Like a soft nod, well hardly even move my neck.

Javad said:" If anyone have low confident, they should go to school! It will train their confident, everyone is so outspoken here!"

And he repeated this statement 4 times, :"If i have children i gonna send them here."

Me:" Your children will destroy this school.."

After few unforgettable hours under the blazing hot, fried chicken skin, merciless sun, finally we got what we wanted. I fetched Javad back to Bangsar and i got lost again when trying to find my way back. Petrol was running low and i paid 3 unnecessary tolls : GARKKKKK!

Too hot to compute and i recorded this video from the facebook webcam (filters) with my handphone:

If you want to waste 3mins of your life, please watch the above video. :))

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