Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mark the day.

4 years of experiencing the campus life, i came this far and everything ended on one single day.

I miss my time there. Be it the rushing, the adrenaline, the knowledge, the friendship, the confuse state and the sweetest time.

Foundation year, my first year was disastrous and confuzzled (confused + puzzled from Mary & Max) me. Everything is new to me. From science to art, from familiar to unfamiliar. Isolated alone from the crowd of groupies, always by my own but in the end i found some really awesome friends. So i am part of the groupies. Bite me, i am still me.

My degree year, the best decision i ever made - enrolled in Digital Media course. Here, i met a lot of incredibly smart, funny and awesome people. Some even ended up as my good friend. Best of all, i learned the most coolest awesome shits from the whole faculty! Yeah.

I am glad i know so much comrades that share the same interest as me. Forget me not!

Heartiest wishes to all of us!

*my only regret: dint got to take much photos with all my friends :(

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