Saturday, August 21, 2010


Trying hard to adjust my biological clock, waking up at 7:50am everyday for almost a week now. It was pretty hard, i snoozed at least 4 times (total up = 30mins) before completely gave up on my comfy bed. And the weather is not helping at all, so breezy and chill nowadays.

Why would i wake up so early every morning sunrise? Shouldn't i be slacking at home facing the computer screen whole day, well i decided to make myself a little tad useful to work part time at a confectionery shop. I smell like unsalted butter with a hint of vanilla essence.

No is not pleasant to smell like that everyday.

How long more will i recover from all the mess, how long more will i indulge myself with the comfort scent of pastry?

The past few days were my Dark Ages. "All my little dream kingdom are crushing down, declining from the previous glory!" Were there any at the first place? Hehe. In my utmost emotional meltdown of all time, of all time (kanyewest possessed) i seek Tarot card for advice. Yes, wtf moment happened at the most unexpected time. I can't denied the accuracy and possibilities of Tarot, cards saved me, myself. From this point on is Tarot reading talk: [ "I not going to let the Tower destroy and make myself misery. I am the Chariot, i have the Empress to pave my way eventhough there are a lot of confusion and obstacles up front but i have the Strength around me, aint afraid of nothing, bring it on and i will face it like The Hermit, wise and calm." ]

I feel like i am such a medieval person using all those phases like dark ages, tarot reading...chariot...empress... oh well.

They don't have traffic light during the dark ages.
Photo by me with canon demi ee17.

The point is i should stop snoozing my alarm and wake up asap. Maybe i should change my alarm tone, mario theme song aint working for me.

Care for some music?:
My cousin from NZ shared this with me, and i like one of the comment commented by someone from youtube:

"Best thing to come out of New Zealand since the hobbits?" by TheBigCricket.

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