Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Down Boy.

At the ballroom in KL Hilton, photo from this fella.

Woot. Me nor my mates won the Apicta award 2010. It got stashed away by Teddy Bear. We din't even get the merit award and it was ICT award, come on. What else can i expect? We did had some nice high tea, i like the 'Otak' fried spring rolls!

We rejoiced our downfall by drinking and crapping at Bangsar. A little desert helped a lot. Need the extra glucose to sweeten up myself and the doctor said:" Stay away from pastry!"

Well. I got beaten i have the right to eat sweets!

& i want to sing:

WRAAGHHUAHG~~ (super cool music arrangement) down, down, down, count me down:

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