Monday, October 4, 2010

The Fall by Tarsem Singh.

"A little blessing in disguise "

An amazing movie that i wanted to talk about for a long time (or i already talked about it?). I just *cough* downloaded *cough* this movie and i rewatch it again, today. Of course i would get the HD dvd / bluray version if i can find it.

The Fall a movie by Tarsem Singh, present by David Fincher and Spike Jonze is about a tale of a tale during the early 19th century in Los Angeles. Setting in the hospital, an injured stuntman make friend with a 5 years little girl with damaged arm and begins to tell her extraordinary story about 5 great heroic friends (with weird background). The epic adventure begins in the story told by the young man but without the will of living in the real world, he deceived the little girl into helping him getting... Okay spoiler alert.

I want to highlight some of my favourite parts:

1/ The opening scene of the movie. Black and white, slow motion capture every single movement and sequence perfectly frame the mood of the whole movie :) and the triumphant Symphony No.7 by Beethoven.

2/ The part when the young man was telling the story and when the film visualizing the tales, some parts were interrupted by the little girl when she not satisfied with the storyline. So the story of the storytelling intertwine with reality and make funny drastic changes.

3/ The location, setting of the movie...SUPERBLY AMAZING. So unreal but the director said he did not use any CG on the location. Love the vast desert with the contrast of colors.

4/ And the ending with the footages of the oldern stuntman in black and white again with the emotional driven soundtrack by Ludwig Van Beethoven. Masterpiece!

The Fall is visually stunning with captivating story bitterly sweet at the same time. Once again thank you my dear friend Charukphong for introducing this movie to me :) Love it.

This is the best rendition of the song:

Some fun trivia about this movie:

1/ The film was shot on 26 locations over 18 countries. 

2/The director claims that there are no special effects in the film despite its surreal looks. Everything was shot on real locations. 

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