Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Woho is wednesday

Last week wed i met up with MeiMei, my penang mistress. :D ahaa. she got bf ald but i wont tell her bf la... no good no good. Anyway, me, ying and meimei hang out at sungaiwang. They wanted to shop but the bloody shops all closed damn early.. it was just 9pm plus. And yingying went paktoh with her bf, so left me and my mistress.

Lucky the rain stop, so we went to Pavillion.  Along the way saw some street performance... some aussie instrument thingy. Mei told me the name of the performance but i forgot. That day Pavillion got a fashion show by Bonia and guest star Kelly Chan was there but we are not interested. 

Instead i bring her to the food street and she bought chocolates for her bf. Is nice that boy like to eat chocolate. I assume la...i think chocolate make them more romantic. LOL. Lousy theory. Then i dragged her to The Loaf to check on some dessert.  :D Bought some cheesecake and it tasted normal - - ( the durian is too sweet but the coffee is fine)

I had to go back to Cyberjya by 11pm cause gotta catch the last train. Hope she had fun here despite the fact that she din get her shopping spree. XD will miss you! COME BACK SOON YA! 


today is my hsemate - Cheesy Jian Wei 22nd bday. I still can't believe that he is 22!! He is forever a boy. HOHO. Roy, Von, KhaiMing and Willian blindfolded him and took him for a ride around the area to pretend that we were taking him somewhere far, but actually we still in Cyberjaya anyway. - - 

Another batch waited at the site to destroy him. We bashed him with flour + eggs + tomato sauce + water + ice water. The good news is i din kena at all! cause i was hiding in the car with Von and Keat. Haha. The scenario was like dozen of zombies covered with stinky eggs and fluor roaming by the street. We the survivor hiding in the car waiting to be rescue.  LEFT 4 DEAD.

We got a Nokia basic phone for him. I think he is very happy with the present cause i can see tears in his eyes. =D HAPPY BDAY DUDE. 

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