Monday, December 15, 2008

Artsy Tech-no-logic Day~

Hi. I am acting free now, so i decided to post this :

Yesterday, me and my coursemates went to National Art Gallery at KL aka Balai Seni for our Media Aesthetic assignment. Pick an artwork from the gallery and write some comments. Why izit call balai seni? Sounds like Balai , some sort of balai bomba or balai polis.... OH well.

Reached there around 10:10am and i was very sleepy. @@ After explored around the place finally we all got bored and started to something like this :

The gay pose.

"Umar, are you a womanizer?"
"Not Yet"

"Keat you officially gay "

They do look good together. XD 
Only Umar knows what i talking about HAHA BL!

Donate Rm50.

Rm10.. so kiam siap!

Before ciao to have our lunch, let's have some conventional group photos :

Act hungry pls.

JianWei loves to jump.

Me with gay pose~ ngek


Selepas itu, kita semua pigi ke KLCC kerana ada Pc Fair. :D  Yea imagine the crowd there... full with humans and if you lost sight of your friends, you are own your own.  I hate crowds! 

& i saw Yingying and Carrine. Jealous! can work i oso wan work! haha Yingying looked tired! She turning 20 soon... finally  = = I am already 20 for N months.  Anyway Jianwei bought a nice printer for me. LOL okay is for the house... Thx dude.

Back to current situation :

I WANT MONEY I WANT MONEY I WANT MONEY. When you put ur mind into something, it will become reality. I hope so. I WANT MONEY I WANT MONEY I WANT MONEY I WANT MONEY.


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