Sunday, December 28, 2008

Loosing myself

Had a not long not short conversation with Mr. Cheese...the one who introduce me Jizzed in the Pants. :D No he is not a good guy. He is awesome la. HOW LA. i dono.

Conclusion from the conversation :

1. How ?
2. Now?
3. Sparks?
3. Golden. (security guard...we got the same color = =)
4. Original?
5. DM?
6. Future?


most of all : we were stucked with our layout. how to arrange everything in such a limited space? ALL PPL DO NEED SPACE TO SURVIVE. Blame the small class room, restrained our creativity~ Our brain juice will turn in to jizz soon... oh i cant jizz...well. :D

OH Cheese showed me his DJ skill using the synthesizer. He played 3 types of Numb/Encore remix. Shall record the SHOW one day. ^^

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