Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Eve

Wednesday xmas eve.

Did some house chores and ready for BBQ night! I saw a kitten my house, thx to my dogs cause they keep barking at it but that lil kitten is not afraid of PuiKia and Dori. Brave lil kitty!

I like cat. I always do. 

Took some photos of the white fur kitten. It just sat there and stared around like a statue. :D
So small that i am afraid that any car might just squash it. >.<

close-up. The kitten's right eye looked injured.

I cosplayed as a santa and gave this lil kitten an early xmas present
HotDogs. =)

Aww i am so gonna miss that kitten! Hope that it can live well and i believe that it will coz it have a pair of strong eyes. Haha.

Back to xmas bbq, i did not have time to take much photos cause i was busy bbq-ing hahaa & i got another party to attend. Anyway :

Prezzies...more to come!

I am fire starter! muahaha

I like the fence now. Look like secret garden or something

Testing out the marinated chickens.


Apple with the wine..okei is sparkling juice.

Cousins, uncle and sister.

My aunty fr Singapore bought this xmas cake.

wtf. santa in pink. 
too bad din get the chance to eat the cake.. - -

Missed out a lot of actions(lack of photos) cause i was MIA after 10pm. Damn i want the curry!!!!!! 

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