Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nite time

Just now went to watch Twilight~ And is time for review! (konon-nya) All i can say is pretty much predictable and boring. Yingying told me that the book is damn good but i cant see it in the movie.Mayb the book is better, well the original book is always the best. Very cheesy lines and whats wrong with the intensity expression all the time?? haha 

We keep making fun abt the INTENSITY of vampire. I don't really feel Bella( she only have one default face - constipation) and Edward (- - ) eventhough both are stunning but as if they are in love because of the movie. - - Put more feelings in and stop with that intense face expression all the time! haha i do love vampire.

After the movie we keep playing around with the script. Yvonne keep asking :" Do you like the rain? Well i don't like cold and wet places~~" and SPIDER MONKEY! wtf hahaaaa

Later went to mamak and had our dinner (12am). The mamak guy high on drugs? He keptjoking around with us. Awesome-ness. After my delicious tomyam we went to lake there, by the lake for some photo shoot. LOL Was doing some light graffiti thingy for like 2 hrs there. 

Will get the photos soon~

*saw some ppl's comment that said Jackson Rathbone(itu Jasper) - he was the only good thing about twilight.  I agreed. =D

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