Thursday, December 11, 2008


New remixes. 
okei those songs are not new but some i just discovered and some i just love it. 

mind-fuck moment again. Why? I just need music now. 

" Must be a devil between us. HEY! "

The song Hey (Diplo Remix) in my playlist is not the complete version but i got the complete version. Trust me, is very nice (to my brain).  

Hey ( Diplo Devil Remix) - The Pixies (Zshare

I really don't know how to play  the game of relationship. Let the devil do his jobs. Hey.
no no i aint got no relationship right now. Gotcha.

I always thought that i am special but i am not. I am just ordinary, normal citizen of the Earth. My existence won't cause any butterfly effect to anything or anyone at anywhere. I am just too small to get what i want. 

Sometimes too ambitious is a bad thing. Knowing the truth is a bad thing too. 

So, all shall go ebay and buy this book :" How to be the chosen one? The dummy guide to senses!"

Thx you for purchasing. 

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