Tuesday, December 9, 2008

48 years to go

Whee i just found out that the smiley moon that i saw last week ( 1st of dec), that particular phenomenon only occur every 48 years. The space just smiled upon us. "Greetings Universe!"

Lucky that day my mom asked me to look at the moon. My parents were fetching me back to Cyberjaya, and my mom just shouted :" OI LOOK at the moon! is smilling!" I just sighed and looked at it. " oh that call smilling? watch me smile" ( i am a bad daughter)

Along the highway i can saw the moon smilling back at me too. When reached Cyber, saw Roy and Charuk playing tennis outside the house. So i joined them. Later Nana appeared with a dslr camera, i asked her :" Apa you doing with the camera? Shoot hansome hunks?" Well, she was not hunting for any hunks instead she just took photo of the smiling moon coz her mom asked her too. After awhile, my mom sms-ed me to look at the moon again. = = Then Yvonne pope
d out outside the house too, coz her sis just called her to look at the moon. Wow. That was weird.

End up we all went to look for the smilling moon, but thx to the tall apartment in Cyberia, we got hard time searching for it and we gave up.  Too bad Roy, Charuk n Yvonne din get to see this sight. 

Anyway, i got excited now cause i just found out that the smilling moon actually is the spectacular conjunction between Venus & Jupiter and the crescent Moon hence the smiley emoticon face. 48 years man!! Nex time if i ever got chance to see it again will be when i am 68 years old. 

What an extraordinary way to kick start this holiday month~ December. 

I will get the photo from my fren Nana soon. Yay got it from Nana-chan ald :D

psst : oh ya thx mom.

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