Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Apa ni

Yesterday night is my worst day of the year yet. I stepped on a bloody sharp object and the suis plug burned. The suis was just located behind me. Thx myself for having such SHARP nose but not my feet... - - 

Anyway today at the campus central plaza got Microsoft Imagine Cup roadshow thingy. Me, Khairul and Cheese went there because of XBOX and guitar hero LOL. We played like 5 times cause our drummer failed us. HAHA ya we formed a band on the spot. It was fun to play the game and the boss there took some pictures...where is our band photo?

The main purpose of having a XBOX there is to attract people like us to raise our awareness of MICROSOFT IMAGINE CUP~ instead Cheese send me a flash-guitar-hero game link. =D

Wanna play ? Click here 

Wanna know more abt the Imagine Cup ( win a trip to Egypt for free ) Click here

Wanted to join ( Game Developement Category) but the theme is very cheesy..... not interested :D

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