Saturday, August 16, 2008

Take Time

I wish i have nine lives. So i can be an artist, a stewardess, a businessman, a archeologist, a slacker, a housewife ( LOL ), a chef, a fashion designer and a star. HAHAAAAAA okei cut the craps.

Something to do for the sake of i like to do it and of coz - Music! Most human ears are occupied with music beside the uncle that stay 2 house away. Psst his wife never stop singing and producing new "music".

So. Enjoy the music! Enjoy LIFE.

Let's MIX up

Kay~ like hiphop, rnb with a twist? introduce a new mash up remix of Coldplay vs T.I. by ELLIOT + QUIX 2. The track is pretty interesting and it blend well together. This is one of the best mash up track i heard so far. (i got like 8 mash up songs in my playlist =) )

Coldplay vs T.I. - What You Know, Scientist? (Elliot vs. Quix).mp3

Another, the oh-i-like-it remix i like is Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl. Seriously this song get so famous right now ey? (1 month ago) Tons of remix are available in the net now. (LES POWER!) Well i get my hand on this remix which done by Public's Mcfly. I LIKE IT~ espeacially the ending part, so pixel-ish. =) reminds me of lego, i wonder why.

Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Public's McFly Remix).mp3

Yes. You can download the songs~

Next : indie band songs. Good stuff u won't get it from the FM radio. ^^

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