Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Virus invaded my ext hd. Thx to money making university's lab's pc. let's track back to WHY i even plugged my ext hd to the lab's pc?

because of

Cybertracker ( site-whom-we-must-not-say ).

Downloaded lots of stuff happily ( since sombody's account still login , sorry DeDe. ) but the lab's pc diskspace run low. Come on i just downloaded 4gb things. MUAHAAAHAA

Anyway the lab's pc crushed and the whole screen freezed. Damn. & i am totally distracted from the tutorial because i was busy fixing the lab's pc. Wewowewo. Later on Cheese asked me go teman him makan at indon cafe. I was very tired but since i am a good and nice fren, i followed anyway. IT WAS TORTURING!

why tortured? coz of this indon drama - Soleha. ( CHHHZZZGGG!!! ) and the food is slow ( CHHHZZZGGG!!! ) and a cat appeared ( CHHHHZZZGGGG!!! ) and 1 cute tiny lil limao seed stucked my limao ais's straw... ( CHHHHZZZGGG!!! )

and because i think your otak dah beku!! ( CHHHZZZGGGG!! )

psst: chhhzzgg!!! is a dramatic soundeffect which appear whn dramatic thing happen.


Dayana said...


kucing datang pun ada dramatic effect ka?

takut kucing issit??

BuG said...

coz suddenly pop out...and it was cheese who made the dramatic effect haha