Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vector is

My holiday was perfect. It was so perfect till i called one of my coursemate:

" Ei cheese! today got class anot?"
" Nope. Takde class la. Convo kot."
" OOh okay ~ i still at kepong, (suddenly i saja saja go and ask) Oh ya tomorrow got any submission?"
" Got....is.."
" is.. Vector graphic assignment? we suppose to submit after the holiday?"
" Fuk! "

Without warning i felt my sweet sweet world was trembling in fear and the nice weather had just turned into storm. OH MY MATHAFAKA! How can i forgot abt my assignment. So i rushed back Cyberjaya the next few hours and do my work! ahem end up i started my work at around 1am. =D

The flash file gave me a heart attack. Actually is that LAME MP3 converter. yeah there is such application call itself lame! which is totally true. LAMEASS HANG MY PC! and my flash file almost crush. = = Lucky i am a good and kind person. My file was SAVE after i restarted my pc. PHEW. That was around 9am plus. (yeah i din slp the whole night~ i din even greet my own bed yet - -)

Now i finished my work and class start at 4pm...2 more hrs to go. what can i do to keep myself awake? So i uploaded my thing to my deviant for the sake of staying awake! haha Wanna see? cnc dozo~ :

NIPS it by ~madmazelle on deviantART

The sync got abit off in deviant. dono why =D suppose to sync with the music. Oh well Still an amature. I hope i will be better nex time and stop doing last min work! ( seriously i doubt that. )

p.s i just found out i got midterm quiz later . . . = = d**

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