Saturday, November 13, 2010

Da da doo da.

Working = no freedom.

" Noo! Working is like gaining total freedom! You earn your own money, you spend on anything you want, total control."

Working = partial freedom.

" I don't even know where i spent all my money. One day you see the figure, another day 'poof' gone. Cry me a fucking river, bitch!"

Working = freedom.

" Ideas. Timeline. Progress. Mocks. Client's satisfaction. Opinions. Milestone. Deadline. Repeat after me: Great freedom come with great responsibility... said pikachu"

One month i've been working in the company, barely survived. Dear brain, please catch up is not about you anymore. Sum of my feelings from one month of working: Anticipating, eager, insecure, sad, under expectation, disappointment, learning, meltdown, stress, lucky, struggle.

Are those what you suppose to feel on your first month/day/week on your first real job?

Yet, i enjoying it. I guess. I want to show what i capable of. I hope i can & will.

Being an adult is not easy.
Being an adult and stay true to yourself is even harder.

Wait a minute, am i an adult now? Bazinga!


Dorothy Jen said...

Working is no joke..after 2 years of society 'hands -on' experience for me, i would say 'no thank you'... but please accept this: 'we are adults now hhelloww?!~'

T.T im unemployed, i tot i wud be happy, but im not! T.T so u shud appreciate having a job..

Madmazelle said...

yeaaa pretty much coping up with the transition from no class to working class >.<

but you are studying now right? dont worry we can work for life later on :P