Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Death Stares.

Downsize my face (cover my face with both hands) with friend's iphone

I told my friend i not that excited about my trip to Korea. Man, i was wrong. Now i cant wait to get a taste of winter, lick the snow, experience new country.

Now i just need a winter coat, a good compact camera and "spoiler alert" finish up my website job before i ciao.

Hiatus, here i come!


书其 said...

well the last time i went to korea was before christmas and it wasn't snowing XD well i heard it depends on the clouds.. hope there are clouds and snows when you reach la XD

Drake Sigar said...

Hope you can make it there, a lot of flights are being cancled because of the weather (if you're going that way).

Madmazelle said...

shuqi: i saw on news! is snowing heavily at Seoul! hehee gonna be damn cold i guess.

drake: i definitely gonna be there! fingers crossed and tangled.