Saturday, December 25, 2010

FIrst Winter in Korea.

Korea oh Korea, how i hated you last time. ( Well i was a teenager who support Jpop, Jdrama everything about Japan! 哈日)As i grow older, not much of a fan girl anymore and my brain kinda accept and open up more possibilities..embracing others entertainment value haha like Kpop or Kdrama. Okay i shall stop crapping.

My first winter experience, snow encounter! and furthest plane ride (as for now). I not sure why i had this opportunity to travel to Korea, i guess my family need a long and fresh hiatus from Malaysia. It just happened so fast, i told my dad :" Come lets go somewhere with snow! what are we waiting for? (MATTA fair was near)" And the next few days, dad decided and agreed to go South Korea. He don't usually listen to me but this time yeah.

Funny things happened before we even be at Korea. Rumors about North and South wanting to war and etc, spiced up the trip ey? & the weird thing is, i can't feel the travel spirit at all, not even on the night before departure, usually i couldn't even sleep the night before a travel trip but this time i was calm and i slept! I guess working really burnt me out slowly...

At the airport, everything was fine until i got this call during the boarding time. Damn i shld have switch off my phone earlier... A news...a bad news... killed me entirely... "what expression shld i put on for this trip, how do i enjoy this trip with this news ringing in my head" I was moody and soulless, but i tried not to. Everyone was so excited and happy i should be happy too, i deserved it.

Reached South Korea around 9pm, and i noticed it. I saw it first. Snow! It just started snowing.. yes it was snowing! I have sharp eagle eyes, dont i? From the tiny window of the aeroplane, i saw tiny white flakes falling down from the sky, betrayed by the light i saw them slowly creeping in , covering the wing of the plane.


Everything doesnt matter anymore. I see snow for the first time. Everything doesnt matter anymore, for now.

Getting colder.

Can i just swim in this sea of cotton clouds? :)

Mesmerized by the tiny gazillion snow..!

Doc & me/ with snow.

Old traditional houses.


The brothers, separated.
One fight for south, another for north.
They met each other at the middle of war zone and they hugged...

Tasty street food! 串烧!

The river between Seoul..


Merry Christmas to all my loves. Best wishes.


Dorothy Jen said...

god! love em pictures, snow, and then the beautiful sunset with that rumpelstiltskin's move!!! :p

hope u had a great trip with ur fam in S.Korea..
im yearning for a family trip for decades already..

Madmazelle said...

haha rumpelstilskin..never thought of that and i do look like i posing as that little creature! hohooo

yeaaa thx! it was fun, my last family trip was 7 years ago (hk and macau) so this time was great indeed!

hope you have your family trip soon :)