Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Monster hunter hr3!

Clap Clap Clap!

My monster hunter's hunter rank now is HR3!!! Gratz to myself lol! Yesterday play this game till this morning around 6am. My eyes were sooooooo tired =D but i like it! Damn i am panda now!!! NOOOOoooOooo~~

Yest kai with people from different continent! So awesome wei! 1st Hr6 hunter that helped me is from mexico there! Thx so much! Then later on he left and another HR6 hunter from portugal which is a GAL! And another Hr2 hunter from England haha. Damn funny lo, we took my urgent mission to kill the Tigrex. Me and the england zai kena kantoi 9 9 . Each of us faint one time and we can't faint again anymore lol

" Let's just go near area 6 and wait to harvest =D (our hr6 hunter fighting the scary tigrex at area 7)"
" Tats a great idea!"

So we just see our brave teammate from faaarrr~ XD Yea we cheered for her! lol And in the end, she killed it. The England guy said :" Yeah we did it! " HELL YEAH! XD

TA DA~~ i am HR3!!

now i want to get better armor and weapon! rawr.

Some stupid things we did while waiting, we are actually drunk and collapsed! =P

Stomp the yard :

Hunter's Dance:

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