Sunday, January 6, 2008

begin the new year 08

HNY 08 Part 2

Did i mentioned i celebrating countdown at jail? YEA~ i celebrated new year eve at Kajang, Charuk's house!! inside jail lo, i like it! haha No is not in the jail jail of coz but is in the compound. =P
Reached there on time and Wow~ Charuk's mom can cook very delicious food~ !! Thai style man~ Yea Charuk is Thai~ XD I love the fish~~ hahahaa too bad no photos of those lovely food.

Then Keat got lost ! Charuk had to go and lead him in the jail kekee.. Later on Me and Roy curi curi go to his car there and wrapped the present and actually made a card. = = the card is . . . okei! we drew it. Then some group went to watch movie~ and some just brag around ~ XD okei is chi chat around hahaa =) Talk lot of stuff and drink~ cheers. When the clock almost ticked at 12~ Everybody was PREPAREd! 3.. 2 .. 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YVONNE! Dai kar jie! haha

Then everybody shared each other new year resolutions. Umar is and forever will be so funny haha XD His new year resolution is to eat veggie ? = = Later we went for a walk around the er moutain? yea at midnight. Is scary i think. Roy wanted to sneak in the jail, but Charuk warned him better dont cause you might really end up in jail~ ha!

Highlight!! The game part. We played a game called er King? okei i shall name it KING say yes you say yes! HAHAA Basically you just have to do whatever the king ask you to do. Well, when was my turn to be king i said

" I want number 4 to lick J ear!"

Smack that~ haha William licked VIc's ear!! LOL too bad no photo~ XD and stupid blogspot got problem with loading my photos - - !! i think i will upload it in my facebook keke.
We played that game till like 4am in the morning. Oh i kena jugak. I kissed with JIAN WEI! hahaaaaa My 1st kiss of the year @@

oh well~ Sorry yvonne~ XD keke

Had a nice party and new year. I also saw the 1st sunrise in 2008! hehe back at Cyber with Keat and William. I think that everybody have their own problems and 2007 maybe was not that good but still we are alive ya? XD HAHA lame.

ENJOY 2008!

Shall end this post. tired! lack of sleep = 3=

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