Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gathering hall

Kai Kai Kai

Play together! What is the main purpose of gaming? To interact and interactiviy! Yeaa just like any good old mmorpg. HeHe but this is more intense is like guildwar every match haha with monster. In MHP2nd you can lan or if u got kai you can play with max of 4 hunters together in one gathering hall. Clap Clap Clap! Playing alone is cool..playing with more players is fun and cool! Anything can happened hehe

Missed out one more just now... Hermitaur mati! Like to kill this last time cause very fun to hit.

Want to shoot this photo of myself killing these two dragons but Dou Ya and Allen suddenly pop out! Opps... XD teamwork!

What good about online gathering hall? Get to see other hunter's Yeng armors and weapons! woohoo

After 2 weeks of playing Kai and sick and play kai, is fun haha and addictive. Haalooo see my panda eyes also know , everyday 6am sleep aaaa!! My beauty sleep~~ blah..worth it i bet.

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