Monday, January 21, 2008

Save a lil kitten

How to Save A Life

Yesterday yesterday me and my sis save a lil kitten life! HeHe. The story is like this, we heard this lil kitten meow like for few hours at the back alley of my house. Then we decided to go and look APA MACAM to the kitten and try to be adventurous like when we were small. Yeah we used to always explore the back alley with our neighbours. The good old days~~ =P (i can say we 'catch' lots of kittens before *wink*)

Cont..My sis searched and searched for the source of that lil kitten but she just can't see it. Can't blame her, she wear spec. ^^ So i go get a torchlight cause was quite dark already and was going to rain. I passed her the torchlight and still she can't find the kitten. The drain the alley, no sign of the kitten. Then i grabbed the torchlight and WaaalAaa~ the kitten at the bottom of the drain , corner there, all soaked up. Lucky it hvnt drowned to death but still, is raining soon. I noticed that the kitten mom was nearby inspecting us from far. Anyway rescue mission must get started!

Took some old clothes and headed to the drain there. I supposed to go down to the drain and grab the kitten up coz my sis takut kotor but .... = = DAMN my leg too short kenot reach the surface of the bloody drain......- -" so my sis had to go down...yea she is taller thn me ! haha Get Dirrrty ! yay

After finally rescue the lil kitty up! oh yea is black lil kitty! ^^ so kawaii indeed. The lil kitten stared blankly at my eyes....i think the lil kitty trying to say thank you to us or it just plain afraid of what had happened. hahahaaa When i went in to take some milk for the ran to its mom.

Awww.... sweet but afraid that the lil kitten will fall down to the drain again. We tried to double confirm but we can't find it anymore = = Just Disappear! Later night, when on my bed i heard lil kitten meow moew meow again. Was it saying thank you or asking for help again? I hope is saying thank you to us.

Be strong lil black kitty! hehe muax

P.s is a very nice experience =) hehe

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