Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I just watched Grey's Anatomy Season 6 finale. Btw i think this is the only series that hook me up for so long.. and WTFOMFGOMGWTFH!!! What with all the dramas ?! Caught me off guard, i was so afraid to continue watching the show at some point. Yeshh kinda felt like i was in the show.. so intense. Anyway i cried, jumped, laugh a little and cried. It was a fucking rollercoaster ride. Can't wait for new season.

After watching the show (5am in the morning), thank god i got all these nocturnal friend with me. Lighten up my mind a little with their stories and jokes..(from drama overload GE):

*only for my eyes(inside joke), i find this amusing because Charuk was this little angel...but hell no.

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