Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY Madness

Today my GongGong give us angpao while sitting on the chair! (normally he just lay down on bed cause of his injured leg >.< cant even eat or go poo with his own) Everyone is very looking forward to receive Granpa's angpao but he is in some bad mood ... - - still we get all the angpao peacefully and happily lol. and BUT! (a lot of but) when Matthew (baby) came..he straight away said:" ANG GUUU" ! Me and my cousins complained that grandpa was 偏心!! not fair! haha okei nvm let the baby win! Lets take some photos:

My cousin and her family

Kissu for my dearly granpa!

Later on we went 1u watched Rambo 4. izit 4? or just rambo? haha don't know. Anyway the movie is not bad actually, cause of the " PLAAAKKK" "DUUSSSHHH" "AAQWOAAa" blood and gore scene. No i don like war. haha

Then i shop alone around 1u and bought some stuffs, i will post abt it later XD hehe happy stuffs! And we had tea time at 1920, nice place to dine good food ^^

Bianca pizza and spaghetti..forgot the name.. something to do with P and F.

Night time! Went for another reunion dinner at Menjalara, the food there is normal = = But had fun cause we all like shouting YAM SENGGGG from one table to another table ( 3 tables only ) like those wedding dinner LOL. My uncles and aunties are all so fun to play with kekekee love thm. We headed back to grandma house again after the dinner.

Since government banned us from playing with fireworks, as a good citizen we used party poppers instead. LMAO. Seriously, fireworks is way nicer and prettier at the dark street - - Party poppers are not that bad thou.. at least there were nice mixture colors of papers XD

Ready to pop?

满地黄金! ( the ground is full of gold ) LOL

And we got bored with the poppers, we went anti-gravity! We human do can fly too when in still pictures. Frozen in time. =)


What with the stick?

Nice posture!

En can fly too.

Oi u senget !

Rockstar was here!

I got time to pose V! HAHA

Even my lovely aunty, ops is JIE JIE can do it! Bravo :

Aww all my cousins are getting bigger and taller ( taller thn me - - not) :

Most of them going back to Johor tomorrow early morning. Wish them have a safe trip back! 一路顺风! and 新年快乐!!!!

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