Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Level Up to me! [2]

Woohoo another day of celebration with my hsemates. They wanted to bring me go sing k again hehe but we can't make it cause time factor and money factor. LOL we are bunch of budget art students . =) Instead we went to TGIFriday and had a happy birthday dinner. ( what happen with the poor budget student thing??!)

Another night with no slp~ Hi i am panda.

Suppose to eat Chillis and Khai Ming pretty sure that Sunway Pyramid got Chillis but nope. Khai Ming baka! hehe so we end up at TgI. Argh i think i lazy to type now lets have pictures do the talking~ ( my fren bought his D80 along so .. TA DA ) :

The forever King.

Hail to the King. HAHA
( Keat:" I AM KING!" Me:" No i am king, my queen~")

Me, Umar & Myra.

William aka Dj Slut lol , me the king and Myra the evil.

Posing with MeiHwa's PSP. hahaha meihwa u know who u r..~

Top shot~

With Cheesy Jian Wei the photographer~ Sam Fu sai~

Some photos of the much coz all of us busy munching good stuffs:

My starter, Fried Calamari.

This is the bomb... the sauce is so good!


My main course is Chicken Cutlet.

All of us~

I getting to like my shoes. =D

Dessert is Cookies and Icecream...this is the best part!! Oiiisshiii

The wall is nice. William and Me posing. hehe

Us again~


Told them not to tell the crew STILL ..have to stand on the chair!!

Cake from TGIF~thx and thx for the prank too.

I making horny wishes thats why my face like tat.
Don't ask me what i wished.

Eat cake with a straw is not fun at all

Us once again~ Get bloody!

Camera Man new technique.

Nana , Me & Cindy~

Godfather is me, those are my 2 zuk zai

Nana and me again~ XD

Yay happy birthday to me. Oh damn i wanted to prank them all by playing "The-King-Rules" game but all of us got assignment to rush later on. WASTED!! the only day i gonna be in total control just passed like tat. SNap.

AND speak of the devil i glad i did my assignment...damn lecturer want asses us weekly fuh yoo 10% of my final. After the dinner i slept at 2am thn wake up at 5am just to do the assignment. HARDCORE! i faint later on. hehe

Happy bday to all. cya nex year.

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