Saturday, October 18, 2008

17 is a good date

Yesterday finished my last paper ( moral exam) and holiday is on! woohooo.... 1st thing i did when i got home was racing ! wahaha OKei is just a game in my psp - NFS own the city. Me like need for speed! =) speed to live fast, die young. hahaaa

Later, after got bored of racing i played dota, since nobody was free to play with me so i joined some games. Good news is i got godlike!! I know is not big deal for some ppl ( " ala i can godlike evrytime i play") but for me i like it. blow!

I used Spectre WAHAHAA. anyway is a 3 v 5 game coz our teammate leave game. They probably thought that we are loosing coz we keep dying at first..thx to night stalker. well in the end we breaked all their barracks and towers. wahaha and i godliked. happy:

Later that night, i followed my roommate Von to clubbing. We were celebrating Von's cousin bday~ HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO YOU ! actually i plan not to go cause i got nothing to wear man, all my clothes are in Kepong. = = BUT end up going anyway. We supposed to go to Quattro but the place was full with humans. oh well poppy it is & was the 1st time i got tipsy. I think i drank alot lo, pure chivas. wahhahaaaa.... $$ & met lots new chicks siak.  dance till my legs patah haha. It was an awesome night besides the crowded dancefloor, cheesy songs and yea PACK!.

Bday gal, me, Amy, Von outside poppy.

Von keep puking after that, haha hope shes fine now. =D 

p.s Keat you missed out the fun! awahahaa

to celebrate 17 download this song : Css - Music is my Hot Hot Sex.mp3(zshare)

me like to dance! woho

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