Saturday, September 18, 2010


My first wtf post.

40mins ago, i was ecstatic that i found back the guitar pick my friend gave me (all the way from scotland!). After playing with it, i left it on my bed. It was much easier and better to play with (for finger picking). The moment where i wanted to play my guitar again, but i cant find my guitar pick. Wait a minute, it  was there a sec ago and...

VANISHED in thin air.

I swear i put it near my guitar and when i want to grab it, 'poof', gone.

I raid my whole room just to look for that black guitar pick.

Kj  :" Guitar pick is a bitch. They always disappear. Get used to it." 
Me :" But i just found it!!"
Kj   :" Well guitar pick is babi."

When i just found back my guitar pick.  
I was so happy i took a photo with it. 

Damn impossible man, how can it just disappear like that! *ransack my bed again*


*finally getting use to the fact that i lost my first guitar pick in front of me. *strum with fingers*


Drake Sigar said...

Gremlins did it.

Madmazelle said...

i knew it! *calling pest control*