Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Work it out.

Job from my sister, design book cover for her course's graduation book. I think so. 
Anyway i keep delayed the design progress (sorry sis XD) but i managed to finish it on the last day ( one night, after my dota winning streak -_-). 

Since lack of information from the boss, this is what i did :

design by Madmazelle
Credits to: This tutorial for the color stripes, Free ps brushes on the net and
the two corporate-look-person photo i get from the net too but i edit it.

Personally, i think is kinda weird for graduation book. Normally buku mekar is very plain and dull with ur super big sch logo and sch compound images yada yada. Since my client said UP TO ME and she wanted funky style so this is it. TAKE IT AND GIVE ME MY MONEY!

More on the works:
The concept is simple:

The HRD produce top notch HR person, not just plain and dull but profesionnal and happening too. They know their works and ways and their personaility shines~the two successful looking human represent the future them, in a big city, building up their career and generate awesome ideas for their clients. Life is colorful and exciting even if you are doing office works. HAHA 

* to sis, if u see this call me or msn me dont sms me i cant reply. no credit. AND tell me the requirement. 

* I wonder the measurement correct anot, maybe will pixelated :D

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Sepet Vernz said...

i always love ur disign~
i hav trust in u that u'll do this well.

cuz ur marvelous! ^^

muax! thanks sis!