Sunday, April 19, 2009

Craving for something sweet?

All MMU Cyberjaya branch students! I got good news for you guys. (as if)


Bored of the food sell in the campus? FEAR NO MORE! We got some nice finger foods for you : Cupcakes & Corn in A Cup.

self-baked by
awesome bakers :D

Pick ur fav design ^^

So, TEMPTED TEMPTED?? Come visit us at HB3 on 20th April 2009 and 21st April 2009.

*Brought to you by Cuppicups  


BuG said...

cupcakes all sold out!

stay tune for our sweet and special corn in a cup tomorrow!


Sepet Vernz said...

any recipe for cupcakes?
i wanna bake it for my dear's coming bday

BuG said...

who is ur dear?

google search :P

Sepet Vernz said...

my dear, who else
grace lo~*+* =P

google search... =.= tak nak!