Sunday, April 12, 2009

Popcorn time.

Last night, i watched this movie - Cashback. 

Is a lovely movie with inspiring storyline and it makes me think that i should appreciate every seconds of my time. What if you can stop the time, what would you do? I think i will do the same thing as the main character, strip their (espeacially pretty gals) clothes and exam them carefully. See them like really see them. Jk. 

If you can freeze the time, maybe you can just see the beauty in everything that you look away.


Check out the trailer!:

My favourite moment in the film haha, KungFu Slap:

Memorable quotes:


♥Dreamy l у я а ♥ said...

sounds nice xD i wanna watch ! lend me hard disc

BuG said...

sure! is nice :D

Khairul Johari said...

i wacth it already. got keeley hazell. hot weh.

BuG said...

who? *check google

OOOH the frozen girl. Hot indeed. :D