Thursday, July 8, 2010

I need a doctor. [coming soon]

Doc Martens, come to me please! I've been wanting to have one pair of those amazing boots for a long time. Finally i can almost touch it :) Thanks to my friend, KJ which currently at Scotland or somewhere there. He promised to buy the doc mart for me as my birthday, well he buy, i pay. Pretty cool huh!

Kj asked me: Cherry red shiny (40pounds) or not shiny(55 pounds)? 

8 eyes Not shiny / Shiny

Sad to say, i'm not in a very good shape now. I admit, the only thing that keeping me sane is by hoping and believing that i will be better. All the sad, fearful, despair moment will be gone (for awhile) once i get my feet in it! Well, i need a doctor that can cure me right? *wink* Excitement meter over 9000!

Pictures to quench my thirst (got from google image and





Walk a thousand miles in dr mart.

Cheers. 1460 8 eyes boots.

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