Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What if i'm a Russian Spy?

Do you every think that among us, there always one person that you never really know who she really is? Well think about me, I always late for class, missing in action and 5mins ago i was with you and 5mins later 'poof' i'm gone!? Don't you think there is something special about me?

(So you think: Late for class because of the midnight oil, missing in action because stay at home playing the latest PS3 game, gone halfway in shoppingmall because she have to poop.)

Skeptical? CTRL + A to see the hidden message. 

Ahem. Yes, i am a Russian spy. The reason for all that is because i currently on a mission. Yes, a mission handed down to me, only me by my dear Mother Russia. I am telling you this because is part of my mission.

My mission is simple, we call it Mission 'Nuffsaid':

1. Pretend to be a blogger.
2. Join Nuffnang.
3. Be low-profile as possible while waiting for the right moment.
4. When you see the code word 'Salt', activate 'Grab' movement.

5. 'Grab' movement: Deceive Nuffnang's staff and make them believe that you are joining the competition.
6. Then GRAB the movie screening of Salt.
7. Final mission: Retrieve Angelina Jolie's badass hotness from the movie back to Russia.

but my ultimate secret mission entrusted by my dear mother Russia is, codename: Bloggie.

I can't tell you more about this mission. Is too dangerous for you to know more. Less is more. Fear not. Your pc won't explode in 10seconds after u read this message. In fact, i will pass down my super secret spy knowledge to you! Click on the video below to know more, well click at your own risk:

I recorded this while in refugee under KL city. Listen carefully for the hidden message.

Can't wait to meet my spy-mate:


First rule to be a spy: Never reveal your identity.



书其 said...

you have just broke the first rule XD
btw i cannot hear what you said lah, too noisy ><

Madmazelle said...

haha i thnk the bg sound too loud. well spy have to try whatever they can in difficult environment :P

Madmazelle said...

i broke the first rule to let u know the secret. ;)