Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Salt and wolf cub.

First, I want to thank Nuffnang for the free Salt premiere tickets (2 tickets)! I'll will be at the premiere screening of Salt on 26 July 2010, 9pm. Who will be my plus one? :)

Oh. I had the weirdest dream yesterday, is the combination of chasing speed cars (mercedez), wolf, hyena and me with belt. I was driving this kind of old model huge mercedez with my sister, and there were people who try to steal or sabotage the car. I speed around highway and loose them. Back to my own house theres a mother wolf lying on the floor, a hyena came and snatch out a wolf cub from the wolf's stomach (scary). Me and my dad saw the incident and my dad asked me to chase away the hyena..i took a belt and tried to whack at the hyena. Finally he dropped the baby wolf cub on the floor. Oh ya btw it was black fur wolf. Later, i took in the baby cub with me cause the mother wolf died or ran away.

The baby wolf cub is the cutest thing!! It was so surreal when one part of the dream the baby wolf cub got bigger and furry. Then we rest on a field of grass, playing around with each other, it climbed on top of me and use its nose rubbed against my nose :) i felt warm and happy. so cute.

Woke up and still feeling warm and happy..that little black baby wolf made my day.

Strange, but so real in the dream! I want a wolf baby~

Exactly around this big the baby wolf.
I'm gonna miss you :(

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