Wednesday, March 21, 2007


monday~ i din go bak mmu! coz sis bak on tuesday so don wan mafan my dad thn tuesday bak togehter lo~

so monday~! i hate monday~ but this monday is cooool.......haha wake up at 3pm thn went to wizz cc~ dota!!!!! YESH! DOTA! i was dota-ing for almost 4 hrs at the cc~ had 3 matches
2 matches is in bs but thn so ngam the opponent is from the same cc....laugh sei! 1st match we won..eventhough our zues he pp~ i mean kena pp coz a guy tat sit opposite him dono how ter-close his switch thn the whole pc go shutdown haha! anyway WE WON! nex torturing!! = = opponent still consist the two unknown same cc ppl~ this time they won...our team got 1 leaver fr the start lo~ thn 1 fai cai ( yong mehmeh called him d) FAI CAI!! dono push together 1 .....can win d but ....4 v 5 like 3 v 5 so loose lo~ nvm la giv thm syok ha lo if not they don wan pong chan wizz d

3rd match is LAN GAME!!! with bunch of proz lol played spar! remake 3 times HAHA coz some bakchi thing = = team loose lo..coz the sei biao aka my slave d razor too geng ald the item...= = but i killed him the most! hahaha i kill alot oso lo~ sorry Rem...make our team loose...

i wan b pro~~~~~~~~~~~

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