Tuesday, March 6, 2007

shopaholic - ing


i never relate myself as shopaholic coz i dont think i'm thou!

recently..i ADDICTED to online shopping

don't know maybe is convenient and i just love pc =P can get lots of stuff hvnt even out in Malaysia! ( no business brain 1 the shop here) they should just order stuff that i like and sell it here but they don't..~ etc those hot japan stuff! XD

i think i spend around RM200+ ald on online shopping

i think one of the problem is - I LOVE RECEIVE THING FR POSTMAN! ( why there is no postwomen? wonder) hehe xD letters , parcels or anything... i feel hmm syok << this the only word my brain pop out at the same time haha

hunting nice stuff....any nice webbie for online shopping for japan stuff...do let me know ya~

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