Saturday, March 10, 2007


yo yo

today oso wactched 2 movies! both oso not bad~ but 300 the best! hehe

is very nice! seriously . Fres of all i dint expect anything from 300...but after watched it..i was blown by this movie! is SYOK! haha u got to go cinema to know it!
another is bridge to terebithia (donospell) actually this oso quite nice....AND SAD!! so sad wei...keep wan cry ...i think many ppl misunderstood it as a fantasy movie ( is the trailer fault = =) actually is a movie more to frenship , family and etc....a boy name jess (poor family) finally hav a fren . Leslie (busy parents family...imaginative gal) and so not bad ~ bring more tissues if u decide to watch this hehe XD

another movie trailer~! i saw ! and i wan to watch is SHREAK the Third and Pan's Labyrinth~

the latter is very interesting...i wan watch!!! but why here don hav? suppose to be in cinema on dec 2006 = = bloody Malaysia~

i crave for movies!

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