Wednesday, March 21, 2007

dog's heaven~

today just finish cg class~ thn my cute cute d fren BIAO he called me!
it was a bad news..

"ah boy die jor"
"HAH? real anot? how come"
"seems like he went out to pasar thn eat poison thing thn come bak keep vomit and o c.."
"oo...don sad wei..."

apparently his dad take ahboy to someplace to burry ald...

wish ah boy fly to gou gou heaven safely!!

ahboy is a very obedient and cute cute doggie~ still remember tat time whn cny went to biao's hse gamble ~ 1st time meet AhBoy! biao ask him go in thn he come in he ask him go out thn he go out! so guai d dog!! 1st time see =D

thn suddenly now die jor....fragile..everything is so fragile
appreciate every moment every sec with your love one...ya even ur dogs..

i wan say is I LOVE YOU ALL MY FREN T_T n my family too


p.s biao don sad lo~ ahboy will look after u d =) take care ya muax

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