Sunday, February 22, 2009

A very random post to boost up my randomness

Today is Sunday. 

As usual, i hate Sunday because of Monday. Oh fuck i forgot to return the books back to library, gone money gone.

Guess where am i :

Imagine i am in a island.
But is not, just outside my house. 

Photohunt in Alamanda. Yay we got 3rd place!

My vday dinner.
No not bf.

What can u do with torned papers in a classroom?
The answer is:

Build your own paper plane empire.
Introducing all types of paper planes!

MH crew members. Plane engineers.
What is MH? Go to KLIA thn you will know.

If you out of papers, you can play with tyres(eh it rhyme!):

A puppy's pee and it looked like a heart-shape.

My kampung.

One morning, when makan breakfast with Umar in FCM cafe
we saw this. A kuah girl.

My friend Nana's room. =)


I ain't loving it.

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