Monday, February 2, 2009

It ain't over till its over!

My first fren 'bai nian' (house visit) of the year - Phui Kay's house! ( or shld i call her Pui San? ^^) Met her newly wed sister & got 2 angpaos from her! wohooo coz of the religion belief thingy, newly wed couples have to give two angpaos on their 1st year of marriage. Awesome. 

Phui Kay's mom is very talkative. I think is the only fren's mother that talks alot with me. Haha. After a long conversation, me and Kay went out to makan! CNY is meant to eat. Around 5pm, we went to dine at Fortune bbq steamboat @ Metro Prima. I kept dropped my own chopstick! wtf. oh well, all-you-can-eat not all-you-can-drop!

Later on, went to her house again to wait for Seow Hooi. We were searching psp games on the website and bragged about gaming LOL. We got bored and so i asked her to play Metal Slug with me. It was super fun and funny haha i kept shouting and laughing. Laugh because she kept fell down from the cliff. HAHAAAA ( ahem only me and her know whats going on)

Later on we decided to go to Oldtown to wait for Seow Hooi. Yeah we brought our psp along! So we were gaming there till around 12am and no sign of Seow Hooi. When we left the shop, me and Kay suddenly got the urge to pee. = = No choice & i had to go to Jian Yi's (gal gal)  house for 2nd round! So she sped her car damn fast haha okei not so fast. 

Reached Jian Yi house, i wanted to pee but suddenly Seow Hooi called me @@ She finally reached Kepong but too bad me and Kay went to different directions & I NEED TO PEE! Lucky my XXXXX still in good shape. HAHA

Oh ya, Steven, TuckSeng, KheeLeong, Jian Yi's gf - Yuin Thing and my sis were there but my sis went back soon after i reached there. = = HOho. After my pee, we all started to play 21! ( They already started btw) HAHA sorry KheeLeong(banker)~ Your money is ours! wahaha! I was winning money and Yuin Thing too but soon after Steven took over my money back to the origin ( no win no loose for today). Damn but he did gave me free money =D thx for the black jack steven! Lucky Jian Yi and Yuin Thing, they were the winner & his gf loved me. ^^ Belanja makan!

Tuck Seng! Hope you get a better luck next year! hahahaaaaa! Later table closed at around 2am, 休息是为了走更长远的路~ even Ox need to rest. haha When we walked out from the house, me wanted to pee again! Again i had to hold it back cause we changed car halfway. T-T This time PECAH!  ( in the toilet bowl) 

Sigh. Cant' believe CNY (for me) is gonna end soon. My new sem starts on Tuesday..which is tomorrow damn. Sakit mata. I love cny, 

Not because of the Angpaos.
(this year angpaos deduct by half~)

Is because the quality time you spend with your family and friends. The happiness you share with each other. The time to celebrate the tradition, embrace the days and hope for a better year.  Damn Awesome. 

*I admit. I still love the smell of cash! :D

OH ya i shot some family potraits ( requested by my aunties). My lousy skill + cheap camera come in handy somehow. *drink chinese tea*


Sepet Vernz said...

wher r the family portrait??! xD

BuG said...

lazy aa XD