Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Huat = Prosperous. A term that we say (mostly shout) during Chinese New Year. So, HUAT AAAHHH!!

Happy CNY everyone. I had my one week long holidays, not too relaxing but definitely lovely. Lovely as in i got to see all my relatives, cousins, gambling....... ahem. I shouldn't mention the G word, read on newspaper that authority will catch anyone that involve in any G activity (even betting with sweets and oranges).  Kinda ridiculous thou, dont they know is our tradition to have that activity? (hahaaa according to me)

A person(scholar perhaps) once said :" Bet ten times, loose 9 times. (suppose to be in mandarin/cantonese)"
And i believed that scholar, cause luck was not by my side, at all...AT ALL.

Okay i know what you thinking, but CNY is not all money, angpao and eat (most of the time yes ).  For me, is about being around with your love ones, be it your family, friends, dogs, cats or lizards. I enjoyed the moment with them, just sitting there, talking crap, eat together, gambling with monopoly cash (i'm kidding you), eat and eat.  Togetherness!

Guess the consequences of CNY?

1/  Weight gain. Definitely gonna be weight gain.
2/  Fatigue. Imagine all the energy and concentration you used up for entertaining and some other activities... :)

Even how much i hated the pre-cny (long stress story, better not start ), i can't wait for the next CNY. Btw, next year is my year. The year of the raising dragon, rawr (cough out fireball).


I stole some photos from my friends, they got the iphone, efficient enough to upload photos:

The night where we all got, overdosed.
When we are still normal.

I started biting the Malibu, so long normal.

"I is not..*burp* drunk."

Suddenly Choi San Yeh ( God of Prosperity) appeared! 
"You, yes you gonna be fucking rich!" *poof* gone.

"Ermm, did you guys saw anything just now? A god with red robe?"
"Meow meow meowwwwww *singing random songs*"

*sad, no pictures with family*

How was your CNY holidays? I hope it was awesome. :)

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