Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fictional Existence.

Out of your mind.

It all started with one single slip of mind. Wrong thought that lead to chain events, yes like the domino perhaps. Instead of stacking up each other in one straight line, it disperse all around.

Out of your control.

Yet you can't control the falling, defy the gravity, can you? The time u learned how to jump in the air, the mid-air, up above. More, higher, come on a little bit more, there ! The desk. Touched. Jump again, higher, come on why don't i just fly, why i don't have wings, jump! JUMP! You pant and you look up, you know the sky is not the limit, but why are you staring at it?

Out of your reach.

Something so good, something you desired that you know you can never have. That hot girl next to that fat, rich dude. The limited edition barbie at the see through display. The delicious double chocolate ice cream melting away at that brat's grasp. "Just lick it you mtfk." So good, you doubt it when you have it. You question yourself, why.

Out of your box.

You is your biggest roadblock, enemy, darth vader, dick. Creative people said:" Think out of the box. " Went out got a box and smashed it. What/Why do box got to do with this? "Think out of me" The invisible confined space that built by limited perception. Maybe "Laser out of the box" just like the mutant.

Out of mind, out of control, out of reach, out of box(?) but i'm in for the kill.

*I know this is really out of place, but i suddenly thought of La Roux song(at the end). "I'm going in for the kill, i'm doing it for a thrill."

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